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Soundfyr (pronounced like 'Soundfire') is a global music app for indie Musicians, Talents, Fans & Professionals in the Music Industry to share original music and discover new music in all languages, all genres.  


Soundfyr is currently not available for download on Google Play & The App Store.


Prepare to witness the spectacular revamp of the Soundfyr App with features that will blow your mind!

In the meantime, Rock out with Soundfyr as we exhilarate to the World of Social Media; from TikTok to YouTube with our Indie Musicians and Music Junkies.


'It started with a simple mission, a purpose', said fyr aka doctormix, brainchild of Soundfyr, a Global Home for MUSICIANS, DJs & FANS. 'Indie Bands & DJs need a platform to gain exposure with their works. This is what we are setting out to accomplish. Their music needs to be seen and heard. Not hidden or shelved. They need our help and'.


Backed by a dedicated bunch of music junkies & believers, Soundfyr is steadily growing globally with it's popularity & mission. Soundfyr has achieved more than 700,000 downloads Worldwide within a year with a strong presence in the US, Philippines, Africa, Thailand, etc. 'Fans are discovering emerging bands via our App', said fyr who is also a Radio DJ with a successful syndicated Dance Radio Show on 100 cities and a Successful Entrepreneur too.

'With our app, you can UPLOAD Your Original / Cover Original Songs & Videos, SUPERLOVE Posts, JOIN Music Competitions, CONNECT With Music Industry Professionals, DOWNLOAD Original Songs for FREE & More. We've also started our PRO Subscription Plans for Musicians & Talents to boost their songs'.

'Our App is constantly evolving with new features & services which are being built as we grow globally. Your input, feedback and involvement to help it grow will be perfect. Let's give the struggling bands & DJs what they deserve. A platform....they truly deserve.....Support us and help spread our cause'. 

$487,952 Funded  593 Backers 

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