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This page contains image downloads for Soundfyr brand assets and guidelines for digital use when creating materials that require Soundfyr branding. If you require the use of our branding on non-digital materials such as printed material, television, magazines, or other forms of media, please submit a request to


A minimum size ensures that the impact and legibility of the asset is not compromised.


Always maintain their set proportions and never show the height or width of the asset smaller than 29 pixels.


Proper spacing is critical to ensuring an optimal representation of the asset.


When using the asset, the empty space around the asset should be at least half the amount of the height.


Do not edit or alter, reshape or rotate the asset in any way. 

The brand name and tagline shall not be abbreviated or translated to a different language or replaced by using non-English characters.


Please scroll down for the download package

Circle Black.png
Circle White.png
Circle Black - no text.png
Circle White - no text.png
Circle Black - White no text.png
Circle White - Black no text.png
Soundfyr text - black.png
Soundfyr text - white.png
Square Black.png
Square White.png
Square Black - no text.png
Square White - no text.png
Transparent White.png
Transparent Black.png
QR Apple.png
QR Google.png
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