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Soundfyr's very own home for our online radio stations  was launched globally on 10th Dec 2021! Our stations stream original tracks from our Soundfyr Fam which is available 24/7, 365 with a playlist called AirPLAY that has the ability to share our stream to all other social media, etc.


Our founder, @iamfyr, has always wanted to start this initiative to support Musicians & Talents across all platforms & online radio. Now, the wait is over. 


You can also buy our monthly plan for only US$29.90 to get your tracks on the AirPLAY. There will be more plans added soon to get your song on heavy rotation too. Check out right now.


NOW IT'S TIME TO SHOW EVERYONE YOUR MASTERPIECE. SOUNDFYR PRO Subscription Plans - Boost your talent, empower your music. Join your fellow musicians & talents on the SOUNDFYR PRO Subscription Plans Now.


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